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Our services are used by  individuals and companies desiring to provide elder care service to the employees.  We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our services and the understanding of how demanding it can be to manage job performance and caregiving.  Our clients appreciate the ability to call us anytime and know we will do our best to listen to their concerns and help them problem solve their current issues.  It is our objective to be there for our clients during stressful events and bring them peace of mind.


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“Since my sister lived in the United States and I lived in Japan, I really relied on your eldercare services to help me locate the appropriate care for her.”
N. Kondo,Japan


“Thank you for giving me ideas on how to approach my aging parents on the difficult issues like home care and nursing homes.”
A. Pearlman,Oregon


” We were so frustrated and had no idea where to turn, you listened and then got us a plan of care, thank you!”
N. Grimes,Texas


” I needed someone to go in and adapt a bathroom but I was not sure where to turn. You did the research and found us a perfect eldercare resource.”


” I was so frustrated with my mother and knew she needed to move but I did not know how to approach the situation. Thank you for your compassion, understanding and the right words to say. Today she is very happy in an assisted living home.”


“Monique guided us through the whole caregiving process and moving my mom from home care to assisted living and we could not have done it without her. Her professionalism and warmth made all the difference.”
A. McGuire, Charlottesville, VA


“Your constant caregiving advice and guidance is what got us through the difficult times.”


“Thank you so much for helping us convince my mother that she needed home care. We could not have done it without you!” Monique was referred to us by the Will Rodgers Motion Picture Foundation in Los Angeles, CA.  She consulted with our family on a number of issues; Monique was knowledgeable, compassionate and put us at ease during a stressful time."

S. Vance, Harrisonburg, VA

Employee, JMU University