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Dear Visitor,
Caring for your elderly parents can be one of the most stressful events in your life.  The act of trying to balance your family and career coupled with the needs of your aging parents can truly put you to the test emotionally.  Over the years I have heard families say, "If only we had started planning a little earlier we would have saved ourselves a lot of stress."  The key is to open up the lines of communication before there is a crisis and gather as much information as you can about your aging parents and their wishes.   

The relationship with our aging parents is our primal bond and it either holds us hostage or frees us to embrace the present.  So it is important to recognize our limitations based on the history we have with our elderly parents.  Nothing is perfect and neither are we.  If there is history that makes this process too difficult for you to manage, seek out help or ask other family members to step in.  You are not less of a child for doing this, in fact you are wiser for the insight and acceptance. 


It has always been important to me that families realize there are options as they seek to find the best quality of life for their elderly parents; I hope is a part of your journey.


Yours Truly,